Here’s a tagging photo for the girls on facebook… tag your fb friends as barbie doll characters! There are lots of girly barbie characters to choose from each with a different typical friend personality. It’s great fun to tag your best friends, pals and mates in this free tagging photo.

You can tag the ringleader friend, tag the animal lover mate, tag your most photogenic friend, tag your fb friend with the best voice, tag the pretty princess friend, tag the city girl, tag the best dancer you know, tag the sweetest friend you have and tag the most original friend on facebook. You’ll be tagging all your friends as barbie doll characters and they can then comment on which one you have tagged them as.

If you’ve got a cool or cute tag your friends picture – send it to us so we can share it on the site!

Click the tagging picture to view the full size. Then just right click and save the image to download.