New Big Text, Cute Pics And Funny Ascii Art To Use On Facebook

Thumbs Down Facebook Dislike Picture

Want to get likes from your friends on Facebook? Want to make your Facebook timeline stand out? Try posting some of these cool ascii art pictures made of special text symbols on your Facebook timeline, statuses or comments. There are cute pictures for your boyfriends timeline, funny Facebook text symbol pics for statuses and big text pictures to use as comments on your friends status.

Just copy and paste one of the pictures you want to Facebook.

Big decorative love heart to post on your boyfriend or girlfriends Facebook page.


Special text symbol picture for Facebook – My Dad Rocks.


Halloween ascii art for Facebook statuses and timelines of a Ghost saying Boo!


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Awesome Special Text Art Pictures For Facebook Timelines

Make your Facebook profile Timeline look awesome with our special text art pictures! You’ll be sure to impress your friends when you post a cool ascii art picture on your status update.

Pacman ascii art picture for Facebook


USA big text art picture for your Facebook Timeline

░☆░☆░ ░☆░☆░ ░☆░☆ ░☆░☆
░☆░☆░ ░☆░☆░ ░☆░☆░ ░☆░

Cute love special text art picture to post on Facebook


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Cool Special Text Pictures To Post On Facebook Comments & Posts

Impress your Facebook friends with these super cool and cute pictures made up of special text characters and symbols. Just copy and paste one of these ascii art pictures to a Facebook status comment or post one on someone’s wall or timeline.

Cool big happy HI word text art to post on Facebook friends walls and comments


Cute puppy dog ascii art special text picture for Facebook profiles and comments


Funny ladder text picture to post on Facebook comments and wall posts

Don’t go down there.

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