Cute Facebook Groups & Likes About Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Show your boyfriend or girlfriend what they mean to you by liking these cute facebook groups. All these facebook groups and pages are about your girlfriend or boyfriend and what you like about them and how much you love them. Like facebook groups about cuddles with your bf or gf, snuggling with them, kissing them, play fighting with them and more cute things. Show off to your friends on facebook that you have a cute relationship.

My Girlfriend is Better than Yours

Taking Naps With My Girlfriend/Boyfriend

My boyfriend has the best girlfriend ever!

Play fights with your boyfriend/girlfriend

Snuggling Up In Bed With My Girlfriend / Boyfriend

<3 Play fighting with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend <3

Boyfriends who actually treat their girlfriends like princesses

Wearing your boyfriends hoodie!

Giving your girlfriend cuddles because your a top boyfriend.

Having an Amazing Boyfriend!

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Popular Funny Facebook Groups & Pages To Like

Looking for some funny popular facebook groups to like? We’ve got some of the best, funniest and most popular pages and groups on facebook to like.

Grab somebody sexy, put them in the back of the van with the others.

Dressing up as an apple and chasing fat people

Looking at % instead of price when buying alcohol.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a penguin, always be a penguin

Smiling at Old People so they don’t think you’re a Teenage Vandal

The Awkward moment when you realise, How the F*CK are we getting home

You know you’re an 90s kid if you can sing the rap to “The Fresh Prince”

Trying to look happy when no money falls out of your birthday card

It’s all fun and games untill theres no straw in your capri-sun

Sometimes I grab my boobs. Because, well, I can.

Knowing your family so well you can tell who is walking on the stairs

Spending so much money while drunk you genuinely think someone robbed you.

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Hilarious Groups, Pages & Likes On Facebook About Your Girlfriend

Here are some of the funniest and most witty facebook groups and pages about girls and girlfriends. Like these hilarious facebook pages and make your friends lol as they read the funny titles. These fb groups and pages are all about girls, women and girlfriends. Some of the funny fb groups are about the annoying things that girlfriends do, some are just hilarious witty lines about girls and some are jokes about girlfriends.

Eating your GFs food, so she doesn’t get fat coz your a top bloke

Not all men want a relationship for sex.. some need a chef

Dumping your girlfriend via powerpoint presentation

I wasn’t that drunk. Dude you asked your girlfriend if she was single

Dumping your girlfriend at a funeral because she’s already upset anyway

Throwing your girlfriend at pigs because she’s an angry bird

Dumping your girlfriend via scrabble

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