Facebook Status Chains & Games To Play With Friends

Here are some of the newest and most popular status games and chains to play on facebook right now. We’ve got a selection of the new craze of status games where you use the friends on your profile. Play the horror movie status game, the band replacement friends status game, and the mental hospital funny status game.

Below is a game to play with your cell or mobile phone, a status game using Urban Dictionary and a status chain message about being a bitch that has been passing around on Facebook recently.

If you want to play any of these fun status games, just copy and paste them over to your Facebook.

Go to the inbox in your phone. Go to the 4th text message. Copy and paste this status and write the 4th text as the first comment, however random it is.

Go to UrbanDictionary.com and look up your first name. Copy and paste this as your status and the first entry of what Urban Dictionary says about your name as the first comment.

Ok, I admit I can be a bitch. I make mistakes, I can be out of control and at times hard to handle – but if you can’t handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best. If you’re sometimes a bitch, post this as your status. 91% of girls won’t repost this. I dare you to be the 9% that do.

You’re in a horror movie which takes place in your house. Go to your profile and look at the first 7 friends on the left hand side. Write one as each of the following:
1st to die:
The person who runs upstairs instead of out the door:
The killer:
The accomplice:
The cop who doesn’t have a clue:
The person who hides in the closet:
The one who saves the day:

Your band comes down with the flu the day before a big show. You need a replacement band, go to your profile and look at the first 7 friends on the left hand side. Write one as each of the following:
Back-up Vocalist:
Sound Board:
Lead Guitarist:
Lead Bassist:
Backup Guitarist:

You’re in a mental hospital. Go to your profile and look at the first 6 friends on the left hand side. Write one as each of the following:
Person who drove you crazy:
Person who signed you in:
Your doctor:
Person in the corner drooling on themselves:
Your roommate:
Person who helps you break out:

Have you played a cool status update game? Have you made up a fun status game? Leave a comment and share it with us!

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3 Responses to “Facebook Status Chains & Games To Play With Friends”

  1. inenez Says:

    i klove this wed side

  2. status man Says:

    Like and I’ll message you the awnser!

    Would I date you?
    [] YES!
    [] No…
    [] Already am :)
    [] Maybe but…
    [] Your the same gender as me -.-
    [] Ya, but I’m too shy too ask…

    You are…
    [] Pretty
    [] Cute
    [] Eh…
    [] My friend :D
    [] The one person I am trying to ignore…

    You should…
    [] Chat with me!
    [] Go out with me!
    [] Make this your status!
    [] Get out of my life!

  3. joshakas Says:

    here is a game in which u leave a status tellin ur friends to continue a game usin d letters of the alphabets. See ,i’ll start d game usin leter ‘L’…
    L-let d game begin
    M-mary should be d next



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