Funny & Amusing Facebook Status Update Prank Trick For Friends

This facebook prank trick is all about fooling your friends with a fake profile link that, when clicked, redirects to their own Facebook profile page.

Try it yourself ( make sure you’re logged in):

It looks like any other normal profile link but it always takes you to your own profile when you click on it. This means you can use it to trick and confuse your friends with some prank status updates!

Here are some ideas for prank status updates that include the link and will confuse your facebook friends!

But before you post a prank status this is important: Facebook automatically turns the link into an attachment with your name and your profile picture as a thumbnail. You need to close the attachment by clicking the blue X icon in the upper right corner before posting your prank status!

These funny pranks status ideas will be sure to get loads of likes and comments from your facebook friends. Posting one of these amusing prank trick status updates on facebook will leave your friends very confused and some angry!

  • is desperately looking for this person: ─ If you know the whereabouts of them, please let me know immediately.
  • thinks this person is really annoying:
  • I have many friends on Facebook, but this one’s my favourite:
  • thinks this person has a stupid name:
  • Who thinks this person is cool?
  • Like this status if you think this person is a nerd:
  • This has to be the biggest loser on Facebook:
  • Like this status if you know this person:
  • Like this status if you like this person:
  • Like this status if you think this person is HOT:
  • According to statistics, this is the most popular Facebook profile in the world:
  • Worst. Profile. Ever =
  • Sexiest person on facebook =
  • …heard this person was wanted by the FBI:

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11 Responses to “Funny & Amusing Facebook Status Update Prank Trick For Friends”

  1. ash Says:


  2. randomer Says:

    i did the fbi 1 hilarious lol ma mate thort i was serious

  3. Lillian Says:

    Kewl site . some funny stuff here.

  4. booboo Says:

    i lost a friend… i said the ‘i really dont like this person, like if you agree’… and then BAM! i cant go to their profile… they blocked me… :/
    great joke tho… shows it really works… lmbo…

  5. Peter Says:

    I can’t find the blue X!!!

  6. aymen Says:

    its cool

  7. brenda Says:

    Foreal i agree with peter x.x i coudlnt find it

  8. Nikan Says:

    How can i get it to work?just copy the link in my status?

  9. mike Says:

    facebook has since blocked this link from being posted

  10. ray Says:

    Can someone help me where can I find this blue X icon in the upper right corner???

  11. Bojana Says:

    Good ideas :)



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