Funny Disney Characters Cartoon Taggable Pic

This tagging image is for all the disney cartoon fans and it includes disney tag characters such as finding nemo, mickey mouse, minnie mouse, the little mermaid, lion king, tinkerbell and snow white. Each disney character has a funny description which you match up with your friends and tag them!

Funny Disney Characters Taggable Picture Facebook

Click the tagging picture to view the full size. Then just right click and save the image to download.

4 Responses to “Funny Disney Characters Cartoon Taggable Pic”

  1. claudine Says:

    i really like disney characters so i chose this!

  2. marly Says:


  3. payton Says:

    now how do i tag my freinds in there?

  4. Sophie Says:

    :O I love to read all of these!!!!!!!!:D



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