Funny Facebook Prank Ideas – How To Pull Funny Pranks On Facebook

Looking for pranks to pull on facebook for April Fools Day? Here is a selection of easy to do, funny pranks that you can trick your friends with on facebook on April Fools Day!

The ‘Like’ Facebook Prank

Step 1 – Choose a friend.
Step 2 – ‘Like’ everything of their profile including pictures, wall posts, comments, etc.
Step 3 – Every time you ‘Like’ something, delete it straight after.
Step 4 – Your friend will get loads of notifications!

The Fake Profile Link Facebook Prank

A great and confusing prank for your friends on facebook is the fake profile link prank. Its a facebook link that looks like any other link but it automatically redirects anyone who clicks on it to their own profile page. This means you can post it on your facebook as a status and fool your friends using it! Check out the following page for instructions on how to pull this facebook prank: How to prank your facebook friends with the fake profile link

The Identity Theft Facebook Prank

Step 1 – Choose a friend.
Step 2 – Copy their profile picture and make it your own.
Step 3 – Change your name to their name.
Step 4 – Preferably this is best with a group of friends stealing the identity of one friend.

Profile Switch Practical Joke On Facebook

You need to do this prank with a friend on facebook. To fool your friends on facebook, switch all your profile pictures and information and maybe swap your names. Your friends will hopefully all be very confused when they go on each of your profiles!

April Fools Day Status Update Pranks

April Fools day on facebook is now the one day of the year when every girl is pregnant. Of course this isn’t true, it’s just everyone posting prank status updates to fool their friends. If you want to post a prank status update this April Fools day, try using one of our ideas – you’ll be sure to get the attention of your friends!
Here are some shocking and surprising announcements that you can fool your friends with.
Announce that you are:
  • pregnant
  • engaged
  • moving to another country
  • just got fired
  • got arrested and put in jail
  • dropping out of school
  • won the lottery

To make the above pranks more believable and to fool more of your friends, try uploading a picture along with the status. So if you were announcing that you were pregnant, upload a picture of a pregnancy test. Or if you were pretending you won the lottery, upload a picture with you holding the winning ticket!

April Fools Day Facebook Pranks

  1. Delete all your friends then add them again at 12pm.
  2. Change your birthday on facebook to April 1st. The people who don’t know you that well will start wishing you happy birthday!

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12 Responses to “Funny Facebook Prank Ideas – How To Pull Funny Pranks On Facebook”

  1. Justin Bieber Says:


  2. BabyMay BitterSweet Alpajora Says:

    Yesterday, I changed my birthday on facebook to April 1st. All my friends who didn’t know/remember my actual birthday posted birthday greetings on my wall. I got 120 “birthday” wall posts on my wall in total! ^_^ It was EPIC! I couldn;t stop cracking up! =)

  3. Ellen Says:

    Ah well I am trying to find the thing where you send a link to your friend , they click into it and it says I will tell your fortune and they ask questions , then they person who sent it answers the questions !! Then that person is pranked !! :D

  4. roy Says:

    what X button?

  5. Amber Says:

    why april the 1st? :p

  6. Zaseeya Says:

    I tried the birthday prank and most of them said happy FAKE birthday…They Know me 2 Well

  7. Justin Bieber Says:

    I hate my life… so many people will do this to me… ugh :()) <—- And I have a double chin :())

  8. Dan Says:

    tell people facebook changes password to stars in comments and statuses for extra security and show example ************ wait for people to play along or reveal the password >:D

  9. Poo Shmoo Says:

    yucky poo poo poo shmoo stinky winky boobies and noobis

  10. ASDFGFDH Says:

    I made another facebook profile of myself, and put that I was in a relationship with myself.

  11. Sarah Says:

    Dear Dan
    I didn’t quite get you.

  12. Richard Renterly Says:

    I pulled the moving back home one a few years ago, everyone feel for it!



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