Funny Pictures To Post On Facebook & Make Your Friends Laugh

This is a funny graph picture to how in an emergency, people are more likely to post a status update than phone the emergency services! It’s a funny picture to post on facebook and make your friends laugh.

Have you got your boss on facebook? This is a funny fake friend request on facebook to show what it’s like when your boss adds you on facebook. You can either confirm (and suffer) or ignore the friend request which would be career suicide! Another funny pic to post on facebook.

The next two pictures are screenshots of funny questions on the yahoo answers site about facebook. Some weird and stupid people must have posted these answers! These pics will definitely get likes and comments when you post them on facebook!

Another funny pie chart graph to show how addicted people are to facebook! Post this picture on facebook to make your friends laugh!

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8 Responses to “Funny Pictures To Post On Facebook & Make Your Friends Laugh”

  1. marina Says:


  2. Free videos Says:

    lolz some good ones there

  3. Bob Builder Says:

    Hahaaha, Love Iit :-D

  4. renu Says:

    i want funniest pics for facebook to wall

  5. pavan Says:

    its awesome dude,,,get me some more funny pics plzzzzzz,,,,,,

  6. Savannah Says:

    I love this website

  7. Nikole Says:

    I need something really funny!

  8. Nancy Says:

    Tired from all the yard sales!!!



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