Funny Things For Your Facebook Profile Religious Views Section

Impress your friends and make them laugh with these funny ideas to put in your relifious views section in your profile information on facebook. Edit your profile and go to your info and then copy and paste one of these hiliarous funny lines into it! All the views are very funny and will make you and your friends laugh.  You can also use these in facebook rape pranks. When you facebook rape someone, change their religious views to one of these funny ones!

Have you seen a funny religious view on someone’s profile page? Add it in a comment below!

Religious views: No fat chicks
Religious views: Jeebus
Religious views: American
Religious views: I barely believe I exist
Religious views: Pretty Jewish
Religious views: I disagree
Religious views: Holy Batman
Religious views: Orthodox Hindu
Religious views: LOL Religion
Religious views: Orthodox Atheism
Religious views: Agnostic, but accepting offers
Religious views: Militant Agnostic
Religious views: Friend to all but midgets
Religious views: As little as allowed by law
Religious views: Anti-gay
Religious views: Abortion stops a beating heart lol
Religious views: I’m gullible, send me a message!
Religious views: Frequent Masturbation
Religious views: I’ll repent on my death bed.
Religious views: Pagan chicks are hot.
Religious views: I am a Jedi Knight. Like my father before me.
Religious views: Few and far between.
Religious views: Rape and kill Because it is God’s will
Religious views: Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Religious views: Racist
Religious views: He died for our sins lol

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14 Responses to “Funny Things For Your Facebook Profile Religious Views Section”

  1. Dood! Says:


  2. Yo man :) Says:

    (whoeva u want) For prime minister

  3. Epiccpwn Says:

    this made my day haha

  4. jackass Says:


  5. Mirmurdah Says:

    J.C is my homeboy.

  6. ... Says:

    The true callin’ fer all Pirates

  7. Abigail Says:

    Burning fat gingers in their sleep!

  8. Kayla Says:

    I wonder how the pope feels about this one xD

  9. Khushboo Says:

    Frequent masturbation. haha

  10. elaine Says:

    ❀ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ♪ ❤ 。◕‿◕。 ☀ ツ
    ⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔ ♡ ╰ ☆ ╮ ♥ ღ ☼

  11. Yousef Says:

    Religious Views:”God only knows”
    Religious Views:”Bong hits 4 Jesus”

  12. Maureen Says:

    This is disgusting. Jesus died for you ignorant people.

  13. cazz Says:

    well maureen that depends on what you believe… so stop being ignorant and let these other people express their beliefs

    i am the great cornholio, give me tp for my bunghole

  14. djjdaz Says:

    who says god was a man no MAN could create the world in 7 days only a woman has that kind of talent :)



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