Hilarious Real Facebook Rapes Profile Screenshots

If you don’t know what facebook rape is, click here to find out what facebook rape is all about.

Facebook rape is a craze senstation sweeping the nation. Here are some hilarious, funny and rude examples of facebook rapes. These are real screenshots of facebook rapes. Most of these facebook rape or ‘frape’ pranks have happened when someone has left their facebook profile logged in and their friend, flatmate or roomate has gone on their laptop or computer and messed with their status or profile details.

Warning: Some of the facebook rape screenshots contain adult language.

In this funny facebook profile screenshot, a girl called abby has been facebook raped by her friend posting a funny embarrasing status update and chaning her political views, religious views, profile picture, work info, interests, phone number and address. All these have been changed to very funny alternatives!

In this facebook rape screenshot, someone has been fraped with a funny status update. People have then seen the facebook rape status update and liked it and commented on it.

A hilarious screen grab of a facebook profile that has been raped by friends! This guy has had his fb screen name changed, a funny and embarrasing status posted about being gay, his aboout me section edited, and he has become a fan of many funny gay groups and pages.

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One Response to “Hilarious Real Facebook Rapes Profile Screenshots”

  1. spobin Says:

    lol @ bum babies: http://frapedlol.com for more hilarious frapes



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