Pitfalls To Avoid When Making Labels


Most companies are going to put their company name and logo on everything that they can. These company logos are going to be just eye catching enough to encourage a person to look at it and notice that it?s there.
Now, from this same idea comes the use of label printing to put various things on your products or advertisements. Often this might be that same company logo. I?ve seen many companies who got a label made that shows their company name and their logo that they can then put on all of their products or marketing material.
However, you can also use this when you have an announcement, or want people to know about something. Putting labels that talk about contest, partnerships, or other events is a great way of being sure that every product you send out at least mentions it, and the labels let you put this information on anything you want.

Okay, so what?s the problem here? There are two different kinds of eye catching. The first is the good one and what you want, where a person is intrigued by what they see and interested in finding out more. The second kind is where something looks out of place and you just can?t help but look at it because of that.
This is the risk that many labels face if they aren?t properly handled. The root of this problem occurs when a company creates a single label and does a large label printing order to get all of them made at once. This label might have very specific coloring to it for whatever reason, and is sure to be noticed.
But when you do put it on some of your products it creates a sharp contrast between the coloring on it and the color of the packaging. Sometimes these don?t go together at all and it ends up just looking odd or out of place. People are going to be looking at it, but they might not be thinking the things you want them to.
I?ve seen products before when this odd looking label just made me keep looking at it, but not because of what it said. I walked away with no idea what the label was trying to say, thinking instead about how off it was.
Consider the colors and packaging of whatever you plan to use your labels with before you have them made. You want to be sure that you can put these labels on anything without having them look out of place, or bring your packaging down rather than boost it up.
All it takes is a little foresight to head this little problem off before it ever begins. Let your label catch a person?s eye, but be sure it?s doing it for the right reasons.

Pitfalls To Avoid When Making Labels

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