Secret Code – Cool Facebook Trick

This is a really cool trick to impress your friends and make them wonder how  you did it. The type of secret facebook code is called an easter egg. Easter Eggs are hidden codes and tricks in games, software and websites that the creators hide for a bit of fun. Eventually somone discovers the hidden secret code.

This facebook easter egg trick is based on the Konami Code which is one of the most famous cheat code in video games. The Konami Code has been used in countless games and is now used on facebook to activate the secret easter egg which is the facebook lens flare.

To try out the secret hidden facebook code for yourself, make sure you are on a facebook page.

Then press: UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A ENTER on the keyboard.

You should then see the cool facebook easter egg lens flare on your screen. To remove the lens flare just REFRESH the page.

You could post the hidden facebook code in your status or you could do it on your friends computer!

23 Responses to “Secret Code – Cool Facebook Trick”

  1. loverofmysoul772 Says:

    i cant get it to do anything, does this really work??

  2. LOLattheguyabove Says:

    Really? 3rd times the charm :)

  3. Akanksha Says:

    How can i do this? This won’t work. I Cclicked my mouse, pressed up up down down left right left right B A then enter. but it won’t work.

  4. studspud Says:

    FAIL. this doesnt work.

  5. Izzy United!!! Says:

    What afake thing! it doesnt even work!!!!

  6. sheat Says:

    lol this is crazy. it does not work

  7. sheat Says:

    are you talking about CONTRA family game? lol

  8. Prince Usman Says:

    Its Does nt work.lolllllllllllllz. what a ass ur trick.

  9. jessica Says:

    this is a load of bollocks like
    me being stupid i actually tried to do it more than once tho haha stop wasting your time with this shit!!!!

  10. bilog Says:

    hey. .. actually. . . it did work for a while, , , but i guess facebook had it removed already. . . i dont know. .. but this is true^__^

  11. anubisiv Says:

    it does work you just have to do it freaking fast… I thought it dint work either… I even put it in my videos… on my face book…

  12. anubisiv Says:

    It creates a lens flare when you click around the screen with your mouse… it gets old quick but cool none the less…

  13. jkd Says:

    it used to work but facebook got yupdated like 2 months ago and it doest work now

  14. name Says:

    ppl it works only in internet explorer.

  15. sabrina Says:

    it didnt woork:((((

  16. serena Says:

    well it soo does not work at all

  17. name:) Says:

    it doesn’t work so wht is the point:(

  18. Matthew Brown Says:

    It used to work but since Facebook changed so much, it doesn’t work anymore.

  19. PRAVEEN Says:


  20. Name (required) Says:

    WALEEEEY =))

  21. Tenzin Says:

    My password for facebook got reset however it need a security code which was being sent to my mobile number. I am no longer using that mobile number. So how can i get the security code to access my facebook account. Please assist.


  22. sam Says:

    it works my computer gone into sleep mode,lol…lol…lol…lollllll

  23. imdad najaf Says:

    cool cool



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