20 Hilarious Frape Rules And Ideas For Facebook Fraping

1: Changing the victim’s display picture is a must.
2: Try not put your friend in a position that he’s going to get beaten up. Unless your prepared to back him up.
3: The victim is not allowed to delete ANY comments – if this is violated, another 15 minute re-rape must be performed.
4: The victim may state he has been fraped at least 2 hours after last status has been posted.
5: The word ‘Nipples’ must be used.
6: Racist or sexist comments must be used.
7: ‘I was fraped’ is an excuse for any unwanted post or comment on any profile.
8: Changing the victims sexual orientation is a must.
9: Girlfriends or fat people are the first to target.
10: You can change password to things like ‘iamgay’ but the victim must be informed after rape.

11: Give out the victims phone number.
12: Religious views must be changed to something completely different to the victims current beliefs.
13: Political views must be changed to ‘BNP’
14: Writing frape comments on their relatives walls is forbidden – especially mothers.
15: Declare that you just ate a baby.
16: If the rape is poor and nobody even like’s a status, the victim may kick the raper in the testicals/vag.
17: Changing the victims birthday to the current day is always a laugh.
18. Asking strange questions such as ‘why did i just put a grape up my bum?’ is a great alternative status.
19. Like as many pages as possible, especially weird ones.
20. Write on these pages, make statements that are going to start arguments.

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Pictures Of The Funniest Facebook Status & Profile Rapes

If you don’t know what facebook rape is, click here to find out what facebook rape is all about.

Have you facebook raped your friend? Take a screenshot and send it to us and we will put it on this site! Send your facebook rape pics to: webmaster [@] facebookcraze.com

Warning: The facebook rape screenshot contains adult themes and language.

An amazing effort at fraping someone when they’ve left their facebook logged on. The guys who done this facebook rape must have had a bit of time to do it as they’ve joined up their mate to a lot of rude and embarrassing facebook groups as well as added a lot of friends with certain names!

(Click the below picture to open the full size)

A weird and embarrassing frape status update when a guy leaves his facebook logged on.

A funny facebook rape status update on a uni student’s facebook profile. Read the funny comments on the frape status!

A classic facebook rape status screenshot featuring a rude and embarrassing fact.

A guy got hold of this girl’s iphone and then posted a hilarious and offensive status update on her facebook. The comments that follow are very funny. A great frape status update.

This frape was sent in by Dave Breeds (Facebook legend)

A college girl gets fraped again when she doesn’t learn about logging out of her facebook! More funny, rude status updates are posted on her profile in this print screen.

A guy gets facebook raped while at a party and his drunk friends post a funny status on his page.

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