Camping Fun Friends Quiz Survey For Facebook Notes

Who’s coming?

Roadtrip there:

1. Who’s never been camping before?

2. Who’s sitting where?
Backseat 2:
Middle Backseat:
Whos in the trunk/boot:

3. You stop at a gas station for snacks, who gets what?

At the Campgrounds:

1. Who complains that there won’t be enough electrical outlets for their hair straightener, blow dryer, phone charger, etc. at the campground washrooms?

2. You encounter a bear. Who remains calm, who immediately starts screaming and has a mental breakdown, and who chases after the bear with a tranquilizer gun?

3. Time for a hike!
Who would rather sit behind and “guard the campground”?
Who’s leading?
Who’s arguing over which way you should go?
Who wanders off, gets lost, and ends up having the forest rangers come save them?
Who purposely tries to sneak away?

4. Canoeing. Who:
Is too scared to get in the canoe?
Loses a paddle in the middle of the lake?
Who has been snapping pictures the whole canoe ride?
Who’s been purposely trying to tip the canoe?

5. Campfire. Who:
Nearly burns down the entire forest trying to start the campfire?
Who starts singing campfire songs so loud that the neighbouring campers report you to the forest rangers?
Who eats all of the smores/marshmellows/hotdogs?
Who forgets to put out the fire when everyone goes to bed and is reported yet again to the forest rangers?

6. Who’s sleeping where?
In a tree:

7. Who ends up waking up in the middle of the lake on an air mattress like Meredith in “The Parent Trap”?

Time to go home!
1. Who sleeps all the way home?
2. Who won’t stop talking?
3. Whos singing at the top of their lungs to the radio all the way home?
4. Who do you realize you forgot after you get back home?

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