Facebook Status Chains & Games To Play With Friends

Here are some of the newest and most popular status games and chains to play on facebook right now. We’ve got a selection of the new craze of status games where you use the friends on your profile. Play the horror movie status game, the band replacement friends status game, and the mental hospital funny status game.

Below is a game to play with your cell or mobile phone, a status game using Urban Dictionary and a status chain message about being a bitch that has been passing around on Facebook recently.

If you want to play any of these fun status games, just copy and paste them over to your Facebook.

Go to the inbox in your phone. Go to the 4th text message. Copy and paste this status and write the 4th text as the first comment, however random it is.

Go to UrbanDictionary.com and look up your first name. Copy and paste this as your status and the first entry of what Urban Dictionary says about your name as the first comment.

Ok, I admit I can be a bitch. I make mistakes, I can be out of control and at times hard to handle – but if you can’t handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best. If you’re sometimes a bitch, post this as your status. 91% of girls won’t repost this. I dare you to be the 9% that do.

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The Newest Fun Facebook Status Update Games To Play

Have you seen another status like these ones? Have you made up your own? Leave a comment and let us know!

Like my status and I’ll describe you using each letter of your name

Like my status and I’ll include you in my next status

Like my status and I’ll comment on 10 pictures of you in one of your albums

First person to like my status will be married to me on facebook for a week

Like my status if you want to be in my facebook family

Like my status and I’ll choose something that reminds me of you then post a picture of it, tag you in it and explain why

Like my status and I’ll post a comment telling you what I think your best feature is

Inbox me any question and I’ll post a status with my answer but without your name

Like my status if you want a poke war!

Like this status and i’ll write you a letter: Dear______, You have a cute ________. If we were in a room together i would _______. Me and you should ________. If you hugged me i would _______. You are _______. i’d get your name tattooed on my _________.

Like this status and I’ll tell you which one of your profile pictures I like the most

Like my status and I’ll tell you if i would marry, kiss, or kill you ;)

Get updates of the latest status games:

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How To Play The Word Association Game On Your Facebook Status

How to play The Word Association Game on your facebook status.

This is a fun and sometimes funny chain game to play on your facebook status. You will get loads of your friends on facebook commenting on your status and playing the game.

First you need to think of a random word to start off the game. It can be anything. If you want it to be a funny or rude game then start with a funny word or item.

Once you’ve thought of a word, psot the folloing line as your facebook status. Change the bit that says YOUR WORD to the word you have chosen.

The Word Association Game: YOUR WORD (now comment with the next word that comes to your mind)

The idea of the game is that each of your facebook friends comment the next word that comes to their mind and so on.

This is an example of the Word Association Game on a facebook status with comments:

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