Good Mothers Day Status Update Ideas To Put On Facebook

If you want to show your mom that you’re thinking of her and you love her this mothers day, try posting one of these sweet and cute status ideas as your facebook status update. All these statuses are about mothers and how much they mean to you.


is wishing every mother a Happy Mother’s Day and hoping they have lots more!

If you love your mom and want to show her that she means the world to you, put a picture of her as your profile photo. Then copy and paste this to your status 

If you love your mom and appreciate everything she has done for you, like this status.

If your mom is your hero, your best friend, or just the best mother ever, whether you are blessed to have her with you or if she is an angel in heaven, copy this to your status to show that you are proud of your mom and you love her 

This mothers day, if you have a mom that you adore, do not post a status about it, get your ass off facebook and tell them yourself!

My mother, my friend so dear. Throughout my life you’re always near. A tender smile to guide my way. You’re the sunshine to light my day.

You’ve seen me laugh, You’ve seen me cry, And always you were there with me, I may not have always said it, But thanks and I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your immeasurable contribution to my life. Thank you Mom! I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother – that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries.

knows that mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

Yo mama is so good at cooking she should open her own restaurant. I’d be the first customer.

Yo mama is so good at listening she makes you feel like she’s put everything aside to focus all her attention on you. That’s a really great trait to have.

Mothers Day Facebook Art

A nice, cute mothers day symbols picture to post on your mom’s facebook page. Copy and paste this cute mothers day picture across to your mom’s facebook wall.


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