New Fun Facebook Status Games & Chains To Play

Looking for the newest fun status games to play on Facebook? We’ve got them! Here are the most popular new status chain games to play with your friends on your Facebook. There are some ‘like my status’ update games or some longer status chain messages like the eye test, the alphabet status game and a status game that asks your friends what they would do if you snuck into their room. These status games are all super fun to play on facebook. Just copy and paste the one you want over to your Facebook status update.

Like this status if you’re addicted to someone ;)

Like my status if you’ve also closed the fridge door really slow, just to see when the light turned off.

Like my status if you want to stay on my friends list

Like this status and I’ll say the first word that comes to my mind when I hear your name

Find the small letter i:
Find the letter M:
Find what is wrong:
After the countdown make a wish:
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 – Now wish

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Fun Facebook Copy & Paste Rate Me Questions Status Games

This is a really fun and funny facebook status game to play. All you have to do is copy the game below into your facebook status and then wait for your friends to rate you! They just have to write the number of what they rate you or the description in a comment on your status.  Your facebook friends can play the game and you can rate them! Copy and paste these cool free status games to your status and see what people rate you! There are also some fun facebook status games to get people to like your status. These are some really good facebook chain status ideas. If you want to start a facebook status update chain – use one of these fun status chains!

RATE ME: 1: Fit, 2: Amazing, 3: Cute, 4: Hot, 5: Funny, 6: Gorgeous, 7: Sexy, 8: Smart, 9: Looser, 10: Weird, 11: Cool, 12: Geek, 13: Pretty, 14: Kind, 15: Friendly

RATE ME: 1=Crazy, 2=I’d Marry You, 3=Talkative, 4=Sarcastic, 5=I Miss You, 6=The Best, 7=Moody, 8=Dumb, 9=Mouthy, 10=Spoilt, 11=Random, 12=Hot, 13=Funny, 14=Fit, 15=Amazing, 16=Cute, 17=GF/BF Type, 18=Gorgeous,

like this status and ill describe you in one word ♥

like my status & ill tell you what i like about you

poke me if you’ve ever had a crush on me and then set this as your status to see how many pokes you get!

The first person to like this status will be my middle name on facebook for the rest of the week. Post this as your status to see who you get!

RATE ME: (1) Crazy (2)GF/BF Type (3)Talkative (4)Sarcastic (5)Loveable (6)Sexy (7)Strong (8)Dumb (9)Spoiled (10)Weird (11)Wild (12) Goofy (13)Funny (14)Awesome (15)Amazing (16)Beautiful (17)Cute (18)Rude (19)Simple (20)Sexy (21)The Best (22)Freak (23)Quiet

like this status and ill private message you a confession

like this status and i’ll rate you out of 10 for your personality

like this status if you’re awesome!

ask me any question in my inbox and i’ll answer as honestly as I can

the first person to like this status will be my profile picture for 24 hours!

if 20 people like this status I will change my profile pic to a photo of a donkey!

Which celebrity do I most look like?

What animal do I remind you of?

I’m thinking of an animal – the first person to guess which animal i’m thinking of will be my profile picture for the next 24 hours!

If you woke up next to me what would you do? 1. Kiss me 2. Run away screaming 3. Ask what the hell happened last night 4. Laugh 5. Other (Explain)

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