Hilarious, Rude & Embarrassing Real Facebook Frape Pictures

If you don’t know what facebook rape is, click here to find out what facebook rape is all about.

Have you facebook raped your friend? Take a screenshot and send it to us and we will put it on this site! Send your facebook rape pics to: webmaster [@] facebookcraze.com

Warning: The facebook rape screenshot contains adult themes and language.

A screenshot of a college girl getting fraped twice with funny and rude status updates and comments.

A great example of a facebook rape – someone’s facebook get fraped with their profile picture being changed and an embarrassing status update posted!

(Click on the picture below to see the full size)

A simple, but effective facebook status frape. A uni girl gets a funny rude status posted on her behalf.

Another typical funny frape screenshot. A girl leaves her facebook logged in and her friends post a funny frape status on her profile. Lots of people like it and comment on the frape status too!

Not exactly a facebook rape but the aftermath of a successful frape. A girl posting on a guys wall to cancel the marriage request becuase it was a facebook rape!

Instead of posting an embarrassing rude status on this guys facebook page, his friends just pointed out that he could have been raped when he left his facebook logged in. Their is an amusing comment from another person on the status.

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