Funny Inbox Message Facebook Prank Rape Embarrasing Fail

In this funny real facebook screenshot, you can see what happened to this guy when his friends pranked him on his facebook by sending a very embarrasing message to a friends mother! Its titled ‘cofession to make’ and he supposedly tells his friends mum how much he fancies her. However when he finds out that someone has send this message from his account he tries to deny sending the message. His friends then get back onto his hacked facebook acount and send another message! This is a great example of a facebook rape prank!

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How To Facebook Rape Your Friends – Funny Ideas For Facebook Raping

News Feed Fun
 ‘Like’ everything on your victim’s news feed. When they get back onto their facebook they will have 100’s of notifications which will be annoying. And hopefully they’ll have some messages and comments from old random friends ‘haven’t spoke to you in years!’.

Search for embarrassing or weird groups and pages and join your victim up to them. The groups and pages you join them to will show up on all their friends news feeds and on their wall.
Tip: If you want to be sneaky and sly about it – delete the groups from their wall so they don’t realize they’ve joined them!

Birthday Wishes
Change your victim’s birthday to a day before or a completely different date. They won’t realize until they get happy birthday messages on their wall and will have to do the awkward job of telling those friends that its not actually their birthday!

Sex Change
Change your victim’s sex for example if your mate is a guy, change their sex to female.
Tip: For an extra laugh post a facebook rape status like: ‘is pleased the operation went well’.

Prank Pictures
Change your victim’s profile picture to something funny, stupid or an embarrasing picture of them! Try one of our funny facebook rape prank pictures here:

Status Rape
The classic. Post some funny and embarrasing status updates on your victim’s facebook account. They will show up on their wall and their friends can comment and like them. Try some of our hilarious rape statuses:
Tip: If their friends comment on the status saying its facebook rape, comment on it convincing them that its not.

If you facebook rape your friends make sure you take a screenshot and send it to us! We’ll put it on this site! Send your facebook rape pics to: webmaster [@]

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More Funny Facebook Prank Rapes Screenshots

If you don’t know what facebook rape is, click here to find out what facebook rape is all about.

Some more hilarious print screens of when friends have played the facebook rape prank on eachother! Here someone’s girlfriend has been facebook raped and posted an embarrasing status. And her friends then commented on the status. Some roomates at uni hacked their mates facebook and changed his profile picture to something gay and posted funny links and statuses on his profile for a prank. And there are more funny fb rape statuses with comments!

Have you facebook raped your friend? Take a screenshot and send it to us and we will put it on this site! Send your facebook rape pics to: webmaster [@]

Warning: The facebook rape screenshot contains adult themes and language.

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