Funny Ideas For Facebook Status Updates Pranks & Tricks

The Fake Profile Link Facebook Prank

A great and confusing prank for your friends on facebook is the fake profile link prank. Its a facebook link that looks like any other link but it automatically redirects anyone who clicks on it to their own profile page. This means you can post it on your facebook as a status and fool your friends using it! Check out the following page for instructions on how to pull this facebook prank: How to prank your facebook friends with the fake profile link

The Facebook Password Status Update Prank

As shown in the following screenshot, this is the funny facebook password status update prank.

All you have to do is post a status, claiming that if you try to post your password on a status update, Facebook will automatically block it out with asterisks. Of course, this is not true. Make sure you include an example of your password and make it look like Facebook has blocked it out. Your friends will hopefully believe you and try it out for themselves, posting their passwords on your status. Then they’ll realise that it does not work and they’ll look like idiots.

To make this facebook prank extra believable, get a friend to be in on the prank and post a comment trying it out and making it look like it works! Don’t forget to take a screenshot and send us your facebook pranks if you pull these on your friends!

The Friend Talking To Themselves Facebook Prank

Start a conersation with one of your facebook friends on a status they’ve posted. Make sure you exhange a good number of comments. Once you’ve done that, delete all of your comments on your friends status. This will leave only their comments on their status, looking like they are talking to themselves! To finish this funny facebook status prank, post a final comment saying something like “are you talking to yourself? you weirdo!”. Its a simple prank to do and is amusing for you and your other facebook friends.

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Funny & Clever Fake Facebook Profile Picture Pranks & Tricks

Here are some funny profile picture pranks you can play on facebook. You can download these funny fake profile pictures and upload them to your facebook and set it as your own profile picture. These are great funny and amusing pranks for facebook and will leave your friends laughing and confused! Your friends will be sure to comment on your fake trick prank profile picture so its a great way to get comments on your pics!

This fake profile picture error prank will annoy your stupid facebook friends! Upload this as your profile pic on facebook and when your friends read it and press the keys on their keyboard – their computer will close the page!

Click on the picture to open the full size then right click and save it to your computer.

This fake trick profile picture for facebook says that to view the image you need a facebook ‘gold’ account. Well, no such thing exists and will therefore leave your friends on facebook confused and asking you how to get their account upgraded!

Click on the picture to open the full size then right click and save it to your computer.

The classic ‘page cannot be found’ makes a great prank profile pic on facebook. Just upload to your facebook and wait for your friends to be confused as to why they can’t view your profile pic!

Click on the picture to open the full size then right click and save it to your computer.

This is a funny joke profile picture that you can upload to your facebook and set as your own dp. It reads ‘the profile picture of this user has been disabled, due to unbearable good-looks, charm and charisma’! It’s a funny joke profile picture for your friends to see and they’ll be sure to comment on it!

Click on the picture to open the full size then right click and save it to your computer.

Funny Default Facebook Profile Pictures

Here are some funny prank pictures that have been sent in. They are alternative pictures to the default facebook profile picture of an outline of a guy. These funny facebook prank pics all look the same style as the official facebook one!

Click on the facebook prank profile pic you want to open it in full size and then right click on it and save it to your computer.




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