Popular Facebook Status Games & Chains To Play

Here is how to play some of the fun & funny status update games which are currently going round on Facebook.

The Girls Secret Facebook Status Game

Copy and paste the below and send it as a message to all your female friends. Then post the drinks that apply to you as a status update. For example you might post just the word “Tequila” as a status update or you might post “Tequila and Rum” as a status update. The guys on your Facebook won’t have any idea what this means and it will make them all confused!

Tequila: I’m a single woman
Rum: I’m a woman who likes to have one night stands
Champagne: I’m an engaged woman
Red Bull: I’m a woman in a relationship
Beer: I’m a married woman
Vodka: I’m a woman looking to hook up
Sprite: I’m a woman who can’t find the right man
Whiskey: I’m a single woman who loves to party
Liquor: I’m a woman who wishes she was single
Gin: I’m a woman who wants to get married

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