How To Frape Your Facebook Friends – Best & Funniest Fraping Ideas

Fraping – The Act of hijacking one’s Facebook account without their consent and publishing outrageous things.

The Top 10 Ways To Frape:

  1. Post a funny/embarrassing status.
  2. Change the victim’s details including their name, date of birth, political views, marital status, sexual orientation, religious views, hometown and any other information you can edit.
  3. ‘Like’ everything on their news feed including statuses, comments, pages and groups.
  4. Write embarrassing comments on statuses on the news feed.
  5. Chat to their friends using facebook chat, making sure you say weird and embarrassing things.
  6. Write weird and embarrassing comments on the victim’s family’s pages.
  7. Join lots of weird and funny groups.
  8. Change your frape victim’s password.
  9. Upload an outrageous photo for their display picture.
  10. Add 100’s of people (works best if they’re from a different country)

More hilarious ideas to frape your friends:

Change their relationship status to open, then chat up people of the same sex. If the other people are straight, say you are coming out and you’ve always thought they were gay too.

A top tip is once you’ve fraped someone, delete the evidence of any changes from their profile and News Feed. That will ensure that it will be a few days before they realize what groups they’ve joined, what their new ‘interests’ are, and that they’ve been fraped!

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