The Newest Fun Facebook Status Update Games To Play

Have you seen another status like these ones? Have you made up your own? Leave a comment and let us know!

Like my status and I’ll describe you using each letter of your name

Like my status and I’ll include you in my next status

Like my status and I’ll comment on 10 pictures of you in one of your albums

First person to like my status will be married to me on facebook for a week

Like my status if you want to be in my facebook family

Like my status and I’ll choose something that reminds me of you then post a picture of it, tag you in it and explain why

Like my status and I’ll post a comment telling you what I think your best feature is

Inbox me any question and I’ll post a status with my answer but without your name

Like my status if you want a poke war!

Like this status and i’ll write you a letter: Dear______, You have a cute ________. If we were in a room together i would _______. Me and you should ________. If you hugged me i would _______. You are _______. i’d get your name tattooed on my _________.

Like this status and I’ll tell you which one of your profile pictures I like the most

Like my status and I’ll tell you if i would marry, kiss, or kill you ;)

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19 Responses to “The Newest Fun Facebook Status Update Games To Play”

  1. Katelynn Elaine Baker Says:

    cool stuff!!

  2. keke Says:

    LIKE my status for if I was you girlfriend/boyfriend

    example: If I was you girlfriend we would always be laughing non-stop :D

  3. Miley-Fan Says:

    Like my status and you will have luck forever.That’s one of the status I have seen

  4. Adilene Rojas Guzman Says:

    like this status and i will telll you ..
    1. Real or fake?
    2. Nice or mean?
    3. Hug or kiss?
    4. Ugly or cute?
    5. Date or pass?
    6. Do I want your number?
    7. Did I ever like you ?
    8. Rate 1-10?
    9. Do we need to chill?

  5. mariababy Says:

    free pass :
    inbox one question and ill answer with total honesty.

  6. meh.. Says:

    like my status and i’ll tell what you mean to me…:D

  7. isaiah Says:


  8. nada Says:


  9. jorden Says:

    Like this status,
    I’ll write 10 things on your wall(:

  10. jesusivan Says:

    Like This Status And I’ll Do Nothing. :)

  11. madalyn Says:

    me an u r_______
    i wish yu an i were_____
    i think u r________
    if we were alone together me an u________
    u have a cute_____
    my favorite features is_____

  12. Hannah Imhoff Says:

    LMS for “My favorite memory that I have with you is. . .”

  13. Brandon Bunkley Says:

    like mah status nd ill tell yhuu a secret…

  14. Ben Dover Says:

    ‘LIKE’ my status so I can describe each letter of your first name.

  15. hayden Says:

    only sexy people can like my status;)

  16. Maria Says:

    Like MY status, and I’ll tell you what you’d think you want to hear..;)

  17. Megan Says:

    Lms and I’ll tell you what you mean to me

  18. Jodie Says:

    Like this status and I’ll tell U if I’d rather kiss you on the lips or stab U in the stomach.

  19. Jodie Says:

    Pick a number from 1-10. Pick a color. Pick an animal. Pick a facial part. Now tell me what number, colour, animal and facial part U have picked then I will send U a message telling U what animal U have created.
    This is how you should reply e.g:
    Commenter: 2, snake, eyes, red.
    You: You have created… A red snake with 2 eyes.



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