How To Add Power To Your Copy In Your Marketing Tools


In addition to your design and layout, what you have to say for yourself and your business is also crucial to how your marketing collaterals will be effective to your target audience, be it catalog printing or print brochures. More than your graphics and design, your words can actually be the pull that would make your target readers convinced of your offer.

Nevertheless, there are words that are more appealing to your target clients. No matter that you?re working on cheap catalog printing or a very expensive flyer printing, what you write in your message can make a whole lot of difference to how your target readers would receive your message. Knowing how to choose your words well is therefore very important to your copy when marketing your business.

Here then are simple steps you can use to create for your marketing tools a copy that is powerful and most effective to drive your point.

1- Highlight your words. Make them bolder if you can. Don?t be afraid to emphasize what you mean by the words to convince your readers of the value of your offer. Use a bold black type or even a colorful background. The bottom line is to make your words jump out of the page to catch the attention of your target clients.

2- Use powerful words to start your copy. Put them at the start of your sentence. The key to effective writing is to choose powerful words and then place them where they will be most read, which, if you still don?t know it, is at the beginning of your sentence. Make your readers sit up and read your interesting content by the first words you utter in your catalog printing copy for instance.

3- Place and print them where it?s obvious. Make them conspicuous. Apply them at the top of your page. Write them in large fonts. Just make sure that whatever you write, give importance to your copy by making it impossible for your readers to miss them.

4- Scatter them in your collateral. Make it obvious that you?re driving the point by placing your words throughout your pages. Sprinkle every page with powerful words to emphasize their importance. So don?t just use them at the beginning or end of your content. Try to scatter them to make your point.

5- Repeat your words. One way to make your target readers know their importance is if you repeat them. Say it over and over again in your page. Make sure that your readers get the point. Remember that even if you wrote it once, your target readers might just miss it when reading the rest of your content.

How To Add Power To Your Copy In Your Marketing Tools

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