Promo Air Fresheners Is Among The Most Inexpensive Giveaways


One of the foolproof ways of making an impression on your customers is to engage their senses, and among all promo items, only air fresheners are able to combine the sense of sight and smell to leave a powerful impact. Whether these fragrance-emitting items are placed in the bedroom, the office, the car, the living room, or the bathroom, anybody who catches its extraordinary scent will surely be intrigued.

The best thing about promo air fresheners is that they are possibly among the most inexpensive giveaways ever. A paper air freshener can go as low as $0.39, while the environment-friendly cardboard type with color imprint is, at the most, less than $2. For companies wanting to enhance their brand visibility but do not have a big marketing budget to begin with, promo air fresheners enable them to market their brands without spending too much.

Aside from being cost-efficient marketing giveaways, promo air fresheners offer much logo exposure for a small amount. Unlike promotional pens, notepads, T-shirts, personalized water bottles, notebooks, backpacks, and other similar giveaways that are meant to be seen, promo air fresheners may be hidden somewhere, but they reach out to your market, knocking them out of their consciousness in a way that no other promotional item can. Who wouldn?t be intrigued by the smell of pine, apple, vanilla, lemon, or cherry? You can bet that your customers will start to follow the scent to know its origin.

Being flat and lightweight, promo air fresheners are among the better marketing tools that can be used for direct mail efforts. Instead of giving away bookmarks, cardboard rulers, ballpoint pens, or Post-its, send out practical-use promo air fresheners that recipients can hang in their car, bathroom, rooms, or closets and they will surely remember you. One way of making sure your customers come back is to make the bottom part of your paper air freshener a coupon that they can use when purchasing from your store. These coupons would be a good way to track the success of your marketing efforts.

Promo Air Fresheners Is Among The Most Inexpensive Giveaways

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