Month: May 2020

What is Pay Per Click And How Does it Work


Pay per Click is a form of internet marketing or advertising that is now used by businesses all over the world to advertise and enhance a website online. It allows the website holder to pay when their advert, link or image is clicked upon by potential customers. They bid on a keyword or key phrases that are specifically involved with what they have to offer.

Pay per Click is used by many search engine optimisation companies which is mainly used to attract more potential customers to a business’ website.

How does it work?

When potential customers searched a keyword or phrase that the business has into a search engine, the search engine will separate the paid and unpaid results or listings. Depending on where your business and the search engine decide to place their advert is how effective it can become. The advertisement can be place on the top, bottom, left hand side or right hand side of the results page. When a keyword is searched through the search engine the business’ link, advert or image is then clicked upon this is when the business has to pay for the technique, making it one of the most cost effective techniques now available on the market.

Why is it so effective?

PPC is very similar to search engine optimisation as it uses keywords, competitive analysis and constant monitoring of results. This is why PPC is often used within a Search engine optimisation campaigns as they require a large amount of detail and monitoring. However PPC is most likely to generate faster results for your business and your website, than that of SEO. Pay per Click ca show results within just 48 hours and can provide a very high return on investment. Many businesses may think that PPC is a simple technique however applied or taken care of incorrectly can often worsen a business and their website, so ensure that you choose a respectable, high quality and experiences SEO provider.

You’re PPC Advertisement.

There are many things you should consider about creating your business’ advertisement. Each advert has a title, heading and a short decryption of the products, services that are on offer or the business itself. This description is very important and you should think about what you would like to be written in this section. Your Search engine optimisation (SEO) company will be able to help you or write your description for you to ensure that it is relevant, up to date and very effective to potential customers as this is the first piece of content that your potential customers will see and make a judgement about your business and products on.

PPC can help you to get you and your business noticed much faster, it is now one of the quickest ways to promote a business and their website. PPC makes it possible for your website and your adverts to appear in high ranking positions on search engines.

If you are looking to enhance your business and your website online then PPC management could be the perfect solution to all of your needs. With the right PPC and search engine optimisation company you will be provided with a high quality, affordable and effective Pay per Click campaign that has been designed to suit your specific needs and requirements.

CPC Marketing are an established company providing high quality campaigns to each of their clients to ensure that they not only make the most from their campaigns but also to ensure that a website is enhanced in the most effective and efficient ways.

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